MAXIM Adresse edit

Plz: 10119

Adresse: Gormannstraße 25, Berlin

Telefon: +49 30 65833962


Description: Als eine der ersten Weinbars in Berlin Mitte haben wir uns auf die vins libres spezialisiert, welche auch als vins naturels (Naturweine) bezeichnet werden.


08.12.2016 Daniel Wolff - 1/5
Gibs nicht mehr..
24.05.2016 Hannes Hausegger - 2/5
One of the worst experience I had in a long time. First the service, the bar is small and there were 4 waiters working we still had to wait 15 min before our drinks arrived and 30 min for the bill. Also the staff seemed very disinterested and just didn't care. For the wine, we had a decent bottle white wine that was also quite reasonable priced. We then tried the reds, the one we wanted was not available anymore. Another bottle suggested by the waiter turned out to be the one of the most disgusting wines I had in a very long time (maybe ever). Overall summary, nice place let down by incompetent service and bad wines. 2 stars only for the first bottle of white wine...
01.08.2016 Paul Dragan - 5/5
Short but interesting wine list, with surprising natural wines, including some great out of the way references (Georgian wine). Surprisingly good food, bone marrow, sardines toasts, olives..very pleasant street and outside seating.
27.04.2016 Valéry Tschopp - 5/5
I was looking for a good wine bar in Berlin and was not disappointed. Maxim have a incredible selection of bio and 'Vin naturel'. The wines we tasted and the accompanying appetizers were fabulous.
27.09.2015 Pat Cold - 5/5
The secret wine bar with the best natural wine collection in Berlin! Great tastes and also a great place for french food lovers...


Kategorie: Essen

Lokalität: Berlin

Region: Berlin